Branded Deckchairs

That’s what we do

Our mission is a simple one. To serve those businesses and individuals discerning enough to realise that your branded deckchair will make someone’s day.

We love a deckchair

Us Brits, we love a deckchair! They’re so nostalgically…British. We can’t resist sitting on one. Why not pop a knotted hanky on your head, sir, whilst you’re there? Perfect.

But a branded deckchair – that’s taking things to a whole new level. We can print anything on there for you. Let your imagination run wild!

And what could be even better than a branded deckchair? A GIANT branded deckchair! Highly Instagrammable.

Who should have a branded deckchair?

Here are just a few of the folks that we think should have a smattering of snazzy deckchairs to bring out with the sun…

Pubs, bars, breweries and distilleries:

Believe us, when someone’s sat on that chair, G&T in hand, they’re in it for the long haul.


A piece of cake, or perhaps an ice cream, if you will. They’ll taste better in a deckchair. Promise.

Chippies and street food vans:

Fish and chips and a deckchair – nuff said. And if you have a street food van and a suitable spot, your punters will love you for having somewhere to perch whilst they tuck into your tasty fare.

Holiday cottages, hotels and B&Bs:

Stick a couple of branded deckchairs on the patio and your guests will be in holiday heaven.

Festivals and outdoor cinema dates:

Whether your visitors are there to listen to music, eat artisan cheese or watch Dirty Dancing, why not have a few VIP seats up for grabs?

Trade shows:

Visitors will have sore feet. Fact. Give them somewhere to sit whilst you tell them why your business is the greatest.

Why choose our branded deckchairs?

Firstly, we’re here to help. Sure, you can order online and never need to speak to us (sob!). But we are real people, so if you do get stuck, we’ll handhold you through the process.

Need help with your design? There are artwork templates you can download. But if you don’t have professional graphic design software, or the right knowhow, we can help with your design too. Just drop us a line, or give us a call.

Finally, the quality is really good. We wouldn’t sell them if they were rubbish. Oh, and delivery is free!