Supplying your deckchair artwork

We want your graphic files to print correctly first time and look like you meant them to. Below are the minimum file supply essentials you need to follow.

Artwork should be supplied at 100% size and should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • CMYK
  • Ink levels up to 300%
  • Images 50 – 150dpi
  • All fonts converted to outlines
  • Minimum 10% tints
  • Save as a high resolution PDF from InDesign – no template guides to be on final PDF. If they are on your final PDF they will print!
  • Respect the quiet zones. Fabric stretches and shrinks (different amounts in different directions) during the production process so there is less accuracy compared to printing on paper. The templates may appear unusually large or proportioned. This is to allow for the stretch/shrinkage of the material. For best results, keep all important elements well within the quiet zone areas and do not try to match up designs from the front to the reverse.
  • For best results, keep all important elements such as text and logos well within the quiet zone areas but bleed background images/colours to the page edge. Do not try to match up designs from the front to the reverse.
  • The trim guide on the template shows roughly where the fabric will be cut. Please bleed your artwork to the page edge.

Have you used the correct colour mode?

When saving your file, ensure that you have set the artwork up in the correct colour mode for the product that you are ordering. Most products are produced in CMYK process colour. If RGB or LAB colours are found they will be converted to CMYK which will result in some colour shift. We do not recommend supplying files in RGB or LAB as it’s unlikely they’ll print as expected. Pantone Colours will also be converted to CMYK (where applicable) with the same results.

Colour Tolerances/Variation

Colour variation is inherent in any print process, unfortunately an exact colour match cannot be guaranteed and should not be expected.

Check your image resolution?

For CMYK process printing, your colour images should be set to 300dpi @ 100% size.


Need some help?

If you would like some more information or advice when setting up your graphic files, please get in touch on [email protected], call us on 0843 289 7944.